Welcome to our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit.  First and foremost, we at South Mississippi Endodontics want you to know that we are here to serve your patients with great skill and empathy.  We will always put the best interest of your patients at the forefront of all treatment decisions.  We will do everything we can to work with you and your staff to seamlessly transition the patients between our offices.  

Dr. Anderson is passionate about Endodontics.   As you can see throughout this website, we have invested in the most modern technology available to allow us to deliver endodontic care at the highest level. 

To ensure that your patients are cared for properly, we would like to ask your assistance in providing our office with any documentation necessary for proper treatment planning. The more information we can obtain prior to the patient reporting for their consultation the better. Helpful information includes: historical radiographs, a full restorative treatment plan, detailed tooth history, and details about any complicating factors.  

We make every effort to see emergency appointments on the same day.  Please let us know if you feel that your patient requires emergency treatment. 

Once treatment has been completed you will receive an in-depth report for your records. Additionally, detailed information about all of your patients is available at all times when you login to our website with your unique ID.